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Current Camera Kit inventory includes:

Sony FX9 full-frame 6K Camera

Sony’s feature packed new 6K full frame camcorder delivers stunning visuals, crisp, highly defined images and subtle cinematic look thanks to a combination of the 6K sensor and Sony’s newly developed S-Cinetone colour space.  Enhanced userbility through dual-ISO and a host of frame rates make this new camera a stunning addition to any documentary shoot.

Canon CN7x17 PLMount Cine Zoom

The PL Mount Canon CN7x17 fits hand in glove with the Sony F55 and provides versatility in a range of production scenarios with absolutely zero compromise of image quality. Perfect for ENG style documentary work, the CN7’s rugged but comparatively lightweight form factor combines with it’s 11-blade iris and versatile focal range to provide the perfect high-end lens option.

Carl Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed Prime Lenses

From 21mm through to 50mm macro up 135mm the Zeiss CP.2 Super Speeds are a stunning PL Mount option for the F55 – providing a beautiful organic ‘prime’ look to any production. Shallow depth of field from the impressive T1.5 aperture allow great low light performance, and beautiful bokeh – when time and production suit, the CP.2s are a lovely set of lenses.

Sony F55 CineAlta Camera

Stunning pictures from what has become a work horse of high end production – Super 35mm CMOS sensor provides stunning full 4K / 2K / HD pictures recorded in a variety of format options and colour spaces to match your production needs. Full HD frame rates of up to 180FPS in HD and upto 120FPS in 4K RAW with external AXS-R7 recorder.

Freefly MoVI Pro

The MoVI Pro’s selling point strap-line is Powerful, Versatile and Reliable. And in conjunction with the Sony FS5 camera body and either Zeiss CP.2 Primes or Canon EFS zoom lenses, this three axis gimbal system provides a rugged and durable platform for movement of any type. From super smooth walkthroughs to vehicle tracking, added with the Atomos Inferno external recorder for 4K RAW super slow motion, this set up is an ideal addition to any type of production. As with all other kit, available in a full fly away option.

Canon HJ18x27 ENG Zoom Lens (28-500mm)

Despite my love of PL mount lenses on the F55, the HJ18 is a definite favourite since I picked this one up a while ago. Used on the F55 with the renowned IBE Optics HD35 B4 mount adapter this lens offers a stunning 28mm – 500mm focal range (before engaging any optical doubler / digital centre crop) and is a joy to use filming in any sports / long lens acquisition scenario.

Current Camera inventory includes:

  • Sony PXW – FX9 full-frame 6K Cinema Line Camcorder
  • Sony PXW FX6 full-frame Cinema Line Camera
  • Sony F55 4K S35 Cine Alta Camera
  • Sony a7R iv  Full Frame 61MP Camera
  • Atomos Inferno on-board HDR Recorder


  • Canon CN7 x 17 4K 17-120 PL mount Cine Zoom

  • Carl Zeiss CP.2 Prime Lenses: 21mm / 35mm Super Speed  / 50mm Super Speed /  85mm Super Speed / 135mm / 50mm Macro

  • Canon EF 11-24mm f2.8 wide angle

  • Canon EF 100 – 400mm f4.5 zoom

  • Metabones EF – Sony E Mount Lens Adapter (EF Lens to Sony FS5 / a7s ii adaptation)

  • Metabones EF – EZ Lens Adapter (EF to Sony F55 lens adaptation)

  • Canon EF 24-105mm f4

  • Metabones PL Mount to Sony E-mount adapter 

Tim Butt Cameraman Canon CN7x17 4k Cine Zoom 17-120mm
Tim Butt Cameraman Wellington Lord of the Rings Workshop


  • 3 x Head LED Panel Light (full battery power solution)
  • 2 x Kino Flo Bi-Colour Diva Lights + Diffusion
  • Multiple On board recorder / monitor options
  • Multiple Channel wireless radio mic options ( c/w waterproof personal mics / body packs as required)
  • Sennheiser 416 Rifle Mics / Sennheiser MD45 presenter mics

Portable Post Production:

  • Fully up to date Avid Lap Top solution c/w relevant card readers / storage and Sony viewing software for full on-location viewing / DIT and media management through to location edit, upload and delivery
  • Volkswagen Transporter T6 crew vehicle – fully racked for equipment storage c/w space for four personnel 
  • Freefly Movi Pro 3-Axis Gimbal c/w full accessories / onboard recorder etc for Sony FS5 ii 
  • Sachtler 18P Carbon tripod support
Tim Butt Cameraman Sony F55 and a7s two camera setup